Thank you for considering our handmade artwork to decorate your home! Functional Art Glass? Yes, it is. At Robbins Ranch Art Glass, we create several items that are whimsical and fun, but they also serve a purpose and you can use them. Functional, hand blown art glass and all of it is one of a kind. We want you to enjoy your purchase every day. We design it to make your life easier while adding color to your home. When you use a soap dispenser to wash your hands, or pour olive oil into the frying pan with one of our cruets, we are happy knowing our hand blown glass is getting good use and enjoyment for our customers.

Because we are making blown glass, we advise that you only hand wash these items in warm, not hot water. Thermal shock can cause blown glass to crack which is what would happen if you put these items into a dishwasher. Handle with care but do take note that we create each item very thick and durable to last for many years to come.  We have many pieces available that are not listed on this site so give us a call to see what we have in stock!