We produce dichroic glass jewelry using pieces of this specialty glass as the centerpiece. First we set up a collage with tiny pieces of glass. Capping off the dichroic design with some clear sheet, we place into a kiln and we fuse at 1500 degrees, until the glass completely melts together. After the oven has cooled, we take the pieces out and with a paint pen, map out the area to cut with diamond saw. Next we shape the glass with a diamond polishing wheel. After completely finishing the glass, we set each piece by wrapping with fine silver bezel. After this, we cut a silhouette of the glass shape into the sheet of sterling, leaving about 1/8″ extra to create a nice boarder around the glass to frame it. Bezel is then soldered to the sheet and the shape is ground, buffed and polished. At this time, we set the glass permanently into its fitting. Our finished product is a polished, clean and contemporary design.

Please note, we sell our pendants individually but also keep sterling silver snake chains to pair with them. Do specify if you need a chain when ordering. Our Bolo Ties come standard with a black or brown 42” leather cord and include sterling silver tips. If you want a different length, please let us know, we can change out the cords for a shorter or longer length. If you have any questions about our work, please give us a call, send us a text or email. You can find all that on our contact page.