Dana filling up the Glass Furnace

Dana filling up the Glass Furnace with Batch

Filling the Furnace
Did you ever wonder how we get that powdered substance we call “batch” to melt into liquid clear glass? The process of blowing glass starts with putting the powdered glass into the furnace to melt. (Learn more)

Making Blown Glass–Hollow Forms
Whether it is an ornament, a vase or a hummingbird feeder, when creating hollow forms in blown glass, each piece always starts the same way. First, clear hot glass is gathered onto the end of a long steel pipe.  (Learn more)

Making Blown Glass–Solid Forms
First, clear hot glass is gathered onto the end of a long solid steel pipe called a “punty rod”. This core of clear is the base of all solid forms to which the colored glass is then added. (Learn more)

Making Dichroic Glass Jewelry
Dichroic glass sheet is cut into small pieces and a collage is designed using the different solid colors and patterns of the material. After each pendant is designed, a small piece of clear glass is carefully placed over the top.  (Learn more)

Making Vases with Fields of Flowers
During early spring, we are surrounded by clear blue skies, lush green grasses and wonderful wild flowers. The fresh air, skycapes and views for miles motivate us to create the springtime imagery on our fields of flowers bowls and vases. (Learn more)