How we add color into the clear glass…

Most of the solid glass blowing colors we buy come in little chips or pieces, called “frit”.  Different sizes of the frit are available to the artist. There are several sizes of chips and hundreds of colors to choose from. We buy pieces that come the size of coarse rock salt, in size #2. We like the efficiency of the glass frit when its that size. It’s much faster to apply to the clear than the larger chunks of color.

The swatches below show what the solid glass blowing colors look when a chunk is blown out into a small bubble.  When ordering your items, you can select one of these solid colors, or visit our page of Robbins Ranch custom color mixes to see a large selection of color combinations.

If we don’t have exactly what you are looking for in stock, there are hundreds of colors that our distributor sells. We can special order colors to create your custom mix for an additional fee.

Note: Letters indicate the opacity the solid glass blowing colors have.
(T) Transparent colors are translucent and you can see light through them.
(O) Opaque colors are dense and these colors you cannot see through at all.
(M) Metallic colors are translucent but will change to a mirrored silver or gold.