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Functional, Decorative, Sculptural and Wearable Art

Welcome to the our Website! For unique, functional, hand blown glass art, you’ve come to the right place. Our large selection of colors and designs give you many options. We are excellent at color matching and coordinating to your decor, creating a special collection of fun and functional glass art for your home. Because our work is so unique, it is often gifted to a person who has everything. Some of our most popular glass gifts include ring holders, soap dispensers, spice jars and olive oil cruets. Favorite items for your decor include vases, bowls and southwestern pots. In addition, our brightly colored blown glass ornaments make great gifts or a beautiful accent to you home decor.

Once in a while, we need a break from the repetition of production glass blowing, so we challenge our skills by rendering large blown totems that illuminate. These sculptures add great color and whimsy to the garden or that special nook in your home. Also, if big is not your thing, we render single edition bronze and glass tabletop sculptures. Making this type of artwork is extremely gratifying and allows us to explore our creativity and use glass and metal in different ways.

When we are not working on functional art or sculptures, we are creating architectural elements like custom glass doorknobs and cabinet pulls. A blown glass knob will make your house uniquely different. Eye candy for the cabinets and doors. We will work with you to come up with a color design that coordinates well with your countertops, tile, cabinets and color scheme.

During the time the furnaces are turned off, we fuse dichroic glass pieces to make wearable art. We create a line of contemporary dichroic glass pendants and bolos set in sterling silver. These wearable art pieces have all hand fabricated settings, and are rendered one piece at a time. If you thought that was all, its not. We also create Dichroic Zippo Lighters! Decorative show pieces that are also functional. They can light up a barbeque, a raging fire in the fireplace or simply sit on the mantle and look stricking. We offer to our glass collectors many unique, color filled designs.

Shopping for One of a Kind…

While reviewing this website, please take note the images of our hand blown glass art are samples of what we make. It’s more of a portfolio than a shopping cart. Everything we do is one of a kind, and no two pieces are exactly alike. If you see something you like, send us an email to robbinsranch@earthlink.net or call us at (505) 832-2272 with your request. We will let you know what is available.

Since we are not running our glass furnaces as often as we used to, we are taking customer orders in between the production cycles. We will create these items the next time we blow glass. However, if you cannot wait for that special gift, we do keep a collection of art glass on hand. We can take a photo of these pieces and text or email the image to you. If you like it, we can usually ship within a day or two.

For your shopping convenience, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is our Etsy Shop. We have already photographed and listed several pieces that are immediately available and ready to ship. These include our blown glass balls, soap dispensers, paperweights, hot air balloons, olive oil cruets, ring holders, spice jars, dichroic jewelry and so much more! We are always adding new products in a variety of colors and designs. Come see what we have in stock and do your shopping seemlessly and easily at 3am!

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Fused Dichroic Glass People…Bolo Tie and Pendants.

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