With a gather of hot clear on the end of a blow pipe, we slowly roll the molten glass across a horizontal stack of color chips until they stick to the surface of the clear. This is not an exact science to the stripe pick up. The stripes can swirl or twist or they can stay in a straight line. We tend to use colors that will blend and blow out evenly when placed next to each other.

You have an option to select colors from the list of samples below or you can choose glass blowing colors from the list of solid colors and we can make recommendations on what will work well together. More colors can be used than three in the stripes, but note there will be an additional charge to add in extra colors.

Some of the most common items we create using the horizontal stripes are hot air balloons, hummingbird feeders, and spirit balls. Feel free to request stripes on other items that we make. If you have any special requests, send us an email and we will do our best to accommodate.