Little chips of concentrated glass color called “frit” are combined in a mixing bowl, then spread onto a steel tabletop for pick up. Rather than dreaming up your own color combination, not knowing how the colors are going to look, you can choose from one of our color mixes shown below. The unique color combinations we have created are what make our glass products so special.

Take note, the look of the color mix will vary based on how it is combined with the clear glass. If the color is melted on top of the clear gather, it has more of a spotted look and texture. If it is encased underneath the clear, the surface of the piece is smooth and the color chips will swirl and blend a bit more. The swatches below show the color on the surface.  This is how we add color to most of the items we create, particularly the smaller, single gather blown objects.

To view the the name of each color, run your mouse across the swatch or click on it to enlarge the image.