Due to the cost, Dichroic color is only available in a limited selection of blown glass items that we make. Among these are bottle stoppers, wine chillers, doorknobs, cabinet pulls, paperweights, ring holders, bowls, southwestern pots and kissing fish. We also use Dichroic in our fused glass jewelry, set in sterling silver. If you would like us to incorporate this material, call or email us to discuss your order.

We buy Dichroic glass color exclusively from Coatings By Sandberg. We feel that this company  makes the most vibrant and interesting colors and patterns of all dichroic glass that is available on the market. It withstands the heat from the direct flame of the glory hole, and will not burn up or fade when reheated.

What we offer to customers is an assortment or collage, combining several patterns and solids, alternating strips of the material using either a warm or cool palette. A base color is chosen from the glass blowing color list and then a few of these Dichroic colors can be requested to be included in the collage.

Dichroic Solid Colors

Group 1
A – Aqua fires a cool silver green color.
GP – Green Pink fires a warm baby pink color.
GMB – Green Magenta Blue fires a hot pink color.
RS – Red Silver fires a silver color.
RSB – Red Silver Blue fires a turquoise color.
Group 2
S – Salmon fires a salmon pink color.
P – Purple fires a red violet color.
CAR – Candy Apple Red fires a red orange color.
CR – Cyan Red fires a gold color.
E – Emerald fires an emerald green color.
Group 3
CC – Cyan Copper fires green gold color.
BG – Blue Gold fires a lime green color.
PT – Pink Teal fires a peacock blue color.
MG – Magenta Green fires a sea foam green color.
YB – Yellow Blue fires a royal blue color.

Dichroic Patterns