Festival Adventures…

Why do we sell our glass at arts and crafts festivals? Well, for one thing, we like to travel to new and interesting places throughout the Southwest and experience the many adventures along the way. We have had a lot of fun and seen some cool towns and met some fine people. There is so much to see out here and we feel lucky to be able to go out and see it!

There is also something special about meeting the customers in person and selling artwork directly to them. The people who purchase our glass can better understand and appreciate the hard work we put into every piece we create. At an art festival, it is much easier to explain how our work is made and by doing this we bond and connect with our glass collectors. We feel this can really help to sell our work.

Ok, we’ll admit it, what we really enjoy the most about being a gypsy and selling our glass at arts and crafts festivals is the social interaction we have with the artists who exhibit at the same events that we do. Its like a traveling family of creative souls. Whether its out in the wind, rain, or scorching heat, we are all in this together! Over the years we have met some very special people and are so grateful for the strong friendships we have made over the years.

arts and crafts festivals


Blowing glass all month…. Preparing for shows in February!


Historic Tubac Village
Tubac, AZ
February 8–12

Booth #TBD
on Saguaro Blvd
Fountain Hills, AZ
February 24–26

MARCH 2023

No shows this month…we will be busy making art.